Two Days of Compassion (Cedar Rapids)

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  • Nov 13 2018 6:00AM - Nov 14 2018 6:00PM
  • JJ Trotta | 319-360-7697
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Caring for a critically ill child is difficult; emotionally, physically and financially. As a parent, imagine worrying about all the time you are taking off work and how you are going to pay your bills while also worrying about your child’s health. It can often be overwhelming, scary and isolating. Join Variety as we raise funds to assist these struggling families and give them hope when they need it most.  


Once a year, Variety raises dollars to support critically ill children and their families by filling the Compassion Fund. This is done through a two-day radio-thon called Two Days of Compassion hosted on KMRY 93.1 FM and supported by KCRG.


How does the Fund work?

Case workers from UnityPoint Health Cedar Rapids and Mercy Cedar Rapids work with families on a daily basis and often get to know them and their struggles. The designated case workers are able to identify a need and present the family with funds immediately.


How can you help?

Listen live November 13 & 14 on KMRY 93.1 FM to hear more about the impact the Compassion Fund has on Iowa families. During the two-day event, call 319-378-6400 or donate online at any time.


How will my donation help?

Often times a parent has to quit their job to take care of their critically ill child. Some parents drive hours every week to get to appointments. The expenses add up quickly! The Compassion Fund is designed to provide comfort and care while fulfilling immediate needs. Some examples of how families use the fund include;

  • Purchasing gas to support frequent trips to appointments
  • Paying monthly bills such as phone, water or electricity
  • Purchasing meals while at the hospital
  • Paying for care for children that are at home


All donations are used to support families of critically ill children who are at UnityPoint Health Cedar Rapids and Mercy Cedar Rapids throughout the year.


Read how the Compassion Fund impacts families and donate today!


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