AREAS OF CONCENTRATION Acute: Agencies, primarily hospitals, that provide neonatal, pediatric and youth critical care. Camperships: Sponsors camps and social activities for children who are disadvantaged or critically ill and children suffering from an ongoing health conditional or traumatic events in their lives. Convalescent: Agencies that provide residential or other services to children who suffer from severe physical, mental or emotional afflictions. Variety at Work: Special projects or recreational activities for special needs, critically ill, disadvantaged or at-risk children. Preventative: Agencies that direct children to make positive choices regarding behavior and lifestyle or that seek to raise community awareness regarding the well-being of children. Disadvantaged: Agencies that serve children who may lack social or educational opportunities due to poverty, environment and/or other factors. Transportation: Variety Vans. Youth at Risk: Agencies that serve children who have special needs due to physical or chemical abuse, behavioral problems, or are in need of emergency shelter. 5