However, the majority of playgrounds throughout Iowa don’t offer adaptations for children who live with special needs. At Variety, we believe all children should be able to play. That’s why in 2014 we provided the City of Des Moines with its first inclusive playground, the Ashley Okland Star Playground. Playgrounds are the perfect place to support inclusive play by creating awareness, breaking down barriers and fostering new friendships—not to mention promoting healthy physical activity and learning for all ages and abilities. Now, Variety is working to bring Star Playgrounds to more communities throughout the state so that more children will have the opportunity to climb, roll, swing and laugh. “We are so grateful to have a playground that not only gives our family the ability to play freely with Rylie—but also allows her to play with her peers. For years she’s had such limited access to anything truly doable at playgrounds and has had to essentially sit on the sidelines- this playground has changed that and allowed her to have the same normal childhood experiences as everyone else her age. Being able to watch her play alongside her brother and friends is amazing—this playground is such a blessing to our community.” – Stephanie, Mom to Rylie INCLUSIVE PLAYGROUNDS EVERY CHILD’S EYES LIGHT UP AT THE SIGHT OF A PLAYGROUND 8