About Variety Iowa

Variety - the Children's Charity of Iowa is dedicated to improving the lives of children who are underprivileged, at-risk, critically ill and living with special needs throughout the state. Since the inception of the Telethon in 1975, Variety has raised more than $123 million to support the children of Iowa.

Variety is making a better future for our community by connecting people who care to programs that enable children to reach their full potential. Variety helps create opportunities for children to fully share in the experiences of life.

What We Do

Variety provides funding to nonprofit children’s organizations for tangible items such as building expansions and renovations, equipment, programming needs and more. Our Kids on the Go! program provides Variety Vans to children’s organizations; bikes, helmets and locks to children who have never enjoyed their own bike; and specialized bikes for children with special needs. All children should have the opportunity to experience a playground, which is why Variety is working with Iowa communities to provide all-inclusive playgrounds for children with and without special needs to play and foster friendships.

Our Variety Mission

Variety - the Children’s Charity is a multi-faceted organization with one simple mission: To help improve the lives of children who are at-risk, underprivileged, critically ill or living with special needs throughout Iowa.


Variety Iowa is part of Variety - the Children’s Charity International, a partnership of more than 44 Variety chapters, each helping local children and families in 13 countries around the world. Together the Variety chapters positively impact more than 100,000 individual children through direct programs, and many more through grants to children’s organization, each year.


On behalf of the children and families in all of Iowa’s 99 counties who’s lives have been touched by Variety, our heartfelt thank you to our donors, sponsors and volunteers.