Looking for volunteer opportunities in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids? You've come to the right place! Variety - the Children's Charity depends on the generosity and goodwill of people who devote their time and energies to helping children.  



Very Interested Persons, or Variety VIPs as we call them, are volunteers who work miracles before, during and after Telethon by raising dollars for Variety. These individuals are the backbone of our Telethon fundraising efforts and consistently generate more than $1 million annually by collecting pledges both large and small.

As a Variety VIP you will:

  • Advocate on behalf of Variety in the community
  • Have access to a fantastic network of caring individuals that are changing lives
  • Reach out and gain financial commitment from your peers
  • Serve on a team of committed peers who are equally focused on a successful fundraising effort


For more information about becoming a Variety VIP for Telethon 2023, please email or call 515.243.4660.




We are seaching for volunteers to help during the morning and afternoon sessions of our Sporting Clay Classic on Thurstay, May 11th. Volunteers will be stationed at each of the shooting stations and will press a button that releases the clays for the participants to shoot. Sign up here.
Variety volunteering at Principal Charity Classic


Bikes go hand in hand with being a kid, but for many children in our community, the prospect of having their own bike is only a dream. Variety helps make that dream a reality by partnering with Bike World Iowa to provide bikes, helmets, and locks to children throughout Iowa. These bikes arrive in boxes and need to be assembled - which creates an opportunity for your company organization to sponsor, build, and present 50 - 200 bikes! Please contact Alexa Lord, Director of Programs to schedule your bike build. 


Please note this volunteer opportunity is only at certain times of the year when bikes are available to be built. 

Bike Build