The Compassion Fund

Caring for a critically ill child is difficult - mentally, emotionally, and financially. The Compassion Fund allows front line social workers to identify needs and distribute funds immediately, providing much needed relief for families. 


Variety partners with Iowa hospitals to help critically ill children and their families by providing comfort, care, and fulfilling immediate needs such as:

  • A gas card for frequent travel to appointments
  • Meals for a parent who spends weeks at the hospital
  • Payment of immediate bills such as phone, heat or electricity
  • A birthday cake for a child who will spend their special day in a hospital bed
  • Care for siblings when parents need to stay with their ill child

Meet Evelyn and Benjamin

 They were born at 32 weeks and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. The Compassion Fund stepped in to help their family during their stay.


“The Compassion Fund really made us feel like people cared and were thinking of us while we were focusing on the babies getting stronger so they could come home. My husband commuted to see me and the babies every night, an hour round trip. The gift helped with paying for gas. We were also able to order some last-minute items we needed for the babies when we all got home. We are so blessed with these two babies (now infants/toddlers) and we feel so lucky to have been a recipient of the Compassion Fund!”

 –Jennifer, Mom of Evelyn and Benjamin


Support for The Compassion Fund is raised during the annual Two Days of Compassion Radiothon on KJJY and KDAT radio stations.

The Compassion Fund supports children and their families at UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s and Mercy Medical Center in eastern Iowa, and at Blank Children's Hospital, ChildServe, Broadlawns Medical Center, Mary Greeley Medical Center, and MercyOne Des Moines in central Iowa. 



Twin babies in Neo natal care unit

Additionally, the Compassion Fund purchases SleepSacks for newborns at these partner hospitals. SleepSacks are the #1 item purchased at hospitals, and are designed to help prevent SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome). 

At UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital we use our Variety SleepSacks consistently once a baby moves to an open crib," said Jenny Haverly, St. Luke’s Children’s Center Pediatrics/NICU supervisor. “These SleepSacks help the baby maintain body temperature better than blankets, which can often cause overheating, as well as provide the feeling of comfort swaddling brings. The SleepSack also helps us model safe sleep practices for parents.”


Every donation, large and small, helps provide relief and hope to families seeking care. 


Variety is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit: 42-6077108 


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Compassion Fund Sleep Sack