10th Telethon - A Million-Dollar Milestone

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Variety’s 10th Telethon marked a historic milestone – the first time we hit a million-dollar fundraising total! As stated in the 1984 newsletter, it was a momentous occasion:
"It takes a lot of tears to develop a million-dollar smile. Just ask anyone who was deeply involved with the 1984 Variety Club of Iowa Telethon. If you didn't cry when Sherry Pickett, the mother of a child living with special needs, poured her heart out in precious verse, or when little Joelle sang "The Lord's Prayer," you wouldn't be human. But on that magic Sunday, March 4th, those tears of compassion were followed by tears of joy as the Telethon tote board registered a brilliant $1,023,472!
It was the Variety Club of lowa's 10th Telethon, and what could be more appropriate than to make it a milestone year in the history of Tent 15. But telethon miracles don't just happen. They are the result of many months of hard work. Variety Club members were busy throughout 1983, raising funds through Kids Bowling for Kids, the annual Celebrity Golf Invitational, a phenomenal Dinner/Auction, laying the groundwork for a super Cash for Kids program, and all of the other activities that channel funds into the Telethon. And, there were friends beyond the membership roles.. the Casey's "family," Pizza Hut, Jefferson Lines, Taco John's and dozens of other business firms already raising funds in their own way to be contributed that final Telethon total. Then, when we needed them most, the people of Iowa responded in typical fashion, opening their hearts, and giving more than ever before to help the thousands of children in need of our financial support. It was a great day for the Variety Club. It was a great day for Iowa. It was a great day for humanity."
Please help us continue our Telethon legacy by tuning in on March 2 at 7 PM on We Are Iowa Local 5 News to learn more about Variety's history of helping children in need and donate now to support this year's 50th Telethon! 

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