Shannon Duval, Past President, Mercy Foundation's Testimonial

As the need for behavioral health services in our community has increased, Variety stepped forward and supported the relocation and renovation of Mercy’s Inpatient Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit. Through Variety’s support, Mercy was able to increase the number of pediatric behavioral health beds available from 12 to 16, while at the same time offering private patient rooms.  


“On behalf of Mercy and the patients and families we serve, Thank You, for helping us care for some of the most vulnerable children in our community.  We are forever grateful for Variety’s vital support!”            


– Shannon Duval, Past President, Mercy Foundation

Toby O’Berry, Director, Iowa Homeless Youth Centers's Testimonial

“In 2015, Variety- the Children’s Charity graciously provided a van to be used at Iowa Homeless Youth Centers. This van will allow us to transport youth to job interviews, doctors appointments, mental health counseling appointments and school. Variety not only provided transportation for our homeless youth, they are helping to provide hope to individuals that need support in order to become self-sufficient. Transportation is one of the key barriers to escaping poverty, and the support from Variety makes a difference in hundreds of Central Iowa lives each year.”


– Toby O’Berry, Director, Iowa Homeless Youth Centers

Amber, age 29, Child Abuse Prevention Services client's Testimonial

The Stork’s Nest is an incentive-based program that provides Marshall County families the opportunity to earn points to “purchase” essential baby items in the Stork’s Nest store by participating in health and educational opportunities. Families must be income eligible and have a child under age one, or be expecting a baby. Variety funding helps to stock the Stork’s Nest Store.


 “I earn points so I can purchase formula and diapers.  It is so helpful because these are two really expensive items. The Stork’s Nest tides us over until we get our next paychecks.”  


– Amber, age 29, Child Abuse Prevention Services client

Sherri Nielsen, Easter Seals Iowa President/CEO's Testimonial

“Easter Seals Iowa is able to provide crucial services to children with disabilities and their families because of the continued support of Variety- the Children’s Charity of Iowa. Improvements made to Camp Sunnyside because of Variety's support include an accessible mat for our playground and a sensory room for children living with autism. Variety also contributed to our Cabins for Campers capital campaign to ensure we have accessible accommodations for campers. We were able to begin much needed renovations to the kitchen at Camp Sunnyside because of Variety’s support. Variety has been a part of building Camp Sunnyside into an amazing place where kids ride a horse for the first time, meet their first friends and make amazing memories. Thank you for the support you provide to families in our community and state.”    


– Sherri Nielsen, Easter Seals Iowa President/CEO

Emily Rossiter, ChildServe Occupational Therapist's Testimonial

The Atcheson family is one of many who have benefitted through ChildServe’s Autism Program. Three-year-old Maverick Atcheson’s journey began when the ChildServe staff identified him as a good fit for Autism Day Health program.


 “Maverick’s body awareness and coordination have improved. He can put on his own socks and shoes now, and he’s improved his fine motor coordination and writing skills.”


– Emily Rossiter, ChildServe Occupational Therapist

David Stark, President, Blank Children’s Hospital 's Testimonial

“We feel very fortunate to have a partner like Variety –  the Children’s Charity of Iowa in helping us provide the best health care to our patients at Blank Children’s Hospital. For over 40 years, this has been a special partnership that has touched every area of our hospital and impacted thousands and thousands of children’s lives. The most recent gifts have been to our new Emergency Department, which will help children at their most critical time. Thank you, Variety!” 



– David Stark, President, Blank Children’s Hospital