20th Telethon Reaches $3 Million Milestone

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Saturday, February 3, 2024


The 1994 Telethon marked another significant turning point in Variety's history - the first time we hit a $3 million fundraising total!


Expressed in the 1994 newsletter, it was a noteworthy occasion:


"One thing is for sure - Tent 15 can be pleased with its 20th Telethon efforts and results. Under the direction of Board President Mike Knapp and with the infectious enthusiasm of the Honorary Chairs Dick Jacobson and Mary Quass, the hard-working volunteers and loyal supporters proved once again that raising money for Iowa's children is exciting and worthwhile.


From where we began (the vision of four energetic members) to where we are now (reflecting on a job well done 20 years later), it seems difficult to fathom that time moves that quickly. Just think of all the good we've done for the kids! That's the Iowa way. Each of us can stand up and loudly proclaim, 'We did it!'.


Now as we move forward, what can we expect? We can expect to continue the hard work that has made our Telethon one of the most successful Variety Club Telethons in the world. Our success this year was measured in part by $3,023,658 - which translates into more help for children."


"While it was a good feeling to watch those final numbers come up on the tote board last April, it doesn't compare to the way you feel when you see a child smile, because you took a moment to care."- Mike Knapp, Board President in 1994.


We hope you will take a moment to care this year as we celebrate our 50th Telethon! Please tune in on March 2 on We Are Iowa Local 5 News and donate to the Variety Telethon.



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