30 Years of Telethon

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Friday, February 16, 2024

2004 commemorated the 30th Variety Telethon, which raised an impressive $3.8 million and surpassed a total of $60 million raised since the first Telethon in 1975.


"In the past 30 years we have had the opportunity to help millions of children with special needs. We have been blessed by the generosity of many people - from financial contributions to donations of their time, which allows us to fulfill our mission of helping children. Every Child Deserves A Chance. This statement has been the cornerstone of Variety - the Children's Charity since our inception in 1937.


A tradition of hard work and caring thoughtful individuals has continued over those 30 years. We are blessed with that foundation and the legacy of making a difference in children's lives. From one child to millions, Variety has made a difference. We have a history of outstanding leadership and this year is no exception.


In 1975, Variety's first Telethon raised $150,000 with one grant recipient, Blank Children's Hospital. 30 years later, Variety has raised over $60 million, given to over 300 charities in all 99 counties and put over 260 Sunshine Coaches on the road transporting children to new adventures.


We represent the past, present, and future of many children who are in need of our help. We need to thank every individual and corporate sponsor that has contributed to Variety's mission of helping the children of lowa with special needs.


I would like to personally thank everyone that has made it possible for me to be a part of Variety of lowa. I especially want to thank my family, friends and my employer, Hy-Vee, Inc. for their continued support which has allowed me to pursue my passion of making a child smile.


Please let me take this opportunity to invite everyone to join us at Variety - the Children's Charity, to work on how we can make a positive difference in children's lives." - Jack Price, Board President in the 2004 newsletter.


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