Variety Grant Ensures Newborns Receive Timely Care

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024



In the hours after giving birth to her new baby boy, nothing seemed out of the ordinary to Rachel or her husband, Brad. Little Raylan entered the world just after noon on February 16, 2024, at 8 pounds, 14 ounces and 21 inches long. He was active as he got acclimated to his new surroundings on the Birthways Unit at Mary Greeley Medical Center.


Raylan was the couple’s second child, and everything had been going routinely for Rachel and Brad. Without warning, Raylan began to fuss trying to catch his breath. The difficulties required immediate medical attention. Nurses were alerted remotely to Raylan’s struggles and rushed to Rachel’s room to provide him with assistance breathing. While Raylan was able to remain in the room with his parents, the level of his care was bumped up to Neonatal Intensive Care.


“It all happened so quickly, and it was very stressful to have a newborn who was not doing so great,” says Rachel, who adds that when their daughter, Charlie, was born there were no complications, making the experience with Raylan difficult to process.


Raylan was on oxygen and closely monitored for more than four days before he was strong enough to go home.


“It was very comforting for us to have him in the room with us the entire time,” Rachel says. “They never moved him. Raylan was cared for right there in front of us and we were kept informed of every little detail. Again, it was stressful, but the entire care team was fantastic.”


Rachel's positive experience reflects Mary Greeley Medical Center's dedication to providing comprehensive care for newborns and their families. In recent years, the medical center has purchased Panda Warmers, designed to hold newborns in a comfortable environment after birth, with grants from Variety - the Children’s Charity. These units allow newborns to remain in the room with the mother throughout their stay on Birthways.


This year, the medical center purchased advanced monitoring equipment with a grant from Variety - the Children's Charity. The Carescape B450 monitors seamlessly integrate with the Panda Warmers and ensure that every infant receives personalized and attentive care from the moment of birth. Stacy Peterson, Director of Mary Greeley Maternal Child Services, says this is a significant upgrade.


"These go beyond basic monitoring,” she says. “Our Birthways and NICU care team can now receive alerts sent to their iPhones, allowing them to respond quickly and decisively no matter where on the unit they may be at a particular time."


The ongoing support from Variety - the Children's Charity enables Mary Greeley Medical Center to continue its mission of providing exceptional care to newborns and their families.


"This grant significantly contributes to our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality care," Stacy says. "We are immensely thankful for this generous support and our ongoing partnership."



Baby Raylan rests comfortably on a Giraffe Warmer while being monitored by the Carescape B450s during his stay. 

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