Specialized Bike Provides Opportunity to Just be a Kid

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024



Thanks to Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Principal Charity Classic, and professional golfer Scott Dunlap, Holt received a specialized bike during last year's Principal Charity Classic tournament that has helped him strengthen his legs and core at home over the last year! 



Holt's mom shared this update with us in April "Holt loves to be active and be outside, but was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called KIF1A. This neurological condition limits what his body will let him do. Last year Holt received a specialized bike from Variety during the Principal Charity Classic. This bike gave him a way to keep up with his siblings, enjoy being outdoors, and work on strengthening his muscles and coordination.  He rode his bike almost every day last summer and it was so much fun to see him smile and enjoy an activity that we didn’t think he would get to participate in!


Riding a bike may seem small to most families, but it is not something we take for granted. Like most five-year-old boys, Holt is full of energy! This bike has given him the freedom to enjoy an activity on the same level as his peers. As parents, it is hard to explain the emotion that we get from watching him be able to enjoy this childhood staple. We are very grateful for the support of Variety and Principal Charity Classic in giving children like Holt the opportunity to just enjoy being a kid."


About Variety’s Mobility Program: Variety helps children with special needs gain mobility, confidence, freedom, independence, and the chance to join in the life of their community by providing funding for specialized bicycles, gait trainers, standers, mobile standers, specialized strollers, specialized car seats, and more to families in need. What started as a program offering specialized bikes has expanded to fit the growing needs of children in our communities. In addition to seeing the smiles on children’s faces, these mobility pieces offer both physical and therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, these items are cost prohibitive to some families and are rarely covered by insurance. That’s why we work with physical therapists throughout the state to identify children who would greatly benefit from a specialized bike or other piece of mobility equipment.


This year during the Principal Charity Classic, Variety will once again be presenting specialized mobility equipment to children living with special needs. We invite you to join us at these presentations on:

  • Thursday, May 30th at 3:30 pm outside the Wakonda clubhouse | Griffin & Miah will be receiving their specialized bikes sponsored by Stephen and Kelly Ames
  • Saturday, June 1st at 2:00 pm outside the Wakonda clubhouse | Briggs & Kholson will be receiving their specialized bikes sponsored by Carl and Sally Harris


Support from the Principal Charity Classic's Birdies for Charity program helps to fund Variety's mobility program. When you donate through the Birdies For Charity program and designate Variety as your charity of your choice, Variety will receive every penny you pledge PLUS a guaranteed eight percent match. Donations of any size help making a lasting impact on Iowa's children in need! 


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