Clarion Hospital Now Able to Treat Newborns with Jaundice, Thanks to a Variety Grant

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Monday, January 15, 2024

Iowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion is a critical access hospital and rural health clinic that provides a wide variety of services including prenatal, labor, and postpartum care. In the last five years, the hospital has seen 175% growth in the number of babies born at their facility. This rapid growth is partially attributed to the increasing number of rural hospitals ceasing obstetrical care and closing their labor and delivery units. 


With funding from a Variety Grant, Iowa Specialty Hospital was able to purchase NeoBlue bilibank lights for their Obstetrics department. The addition of these lights allows the hospital to treat babies with jaundice (like Lochlan, pictured below), to safely lower bilirubin levels. Now that they hospital has their own NeoBlue bilibank lights, newborns can stay close to mom and don’t have to be transferred to a different facility.


“This gift that we were selected to receive from Variety—the Children’s Charity to purchase phototherapy lights will greatly impact our families we serve,” said Jenn Mewes, Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics OB Leader. “Having this piece of equipment will allow newborns to stay at our facility to be able to receive this treatment instead of needing to be transferred out.  This helps to keep mother and baby together, ensuring support to foster their bond."


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