Variety – the Children’s Charity to present 4 specialized bikes at the Principal Charity Classic

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

PARKER: Wednesday, June 1st  3:00 PM at Altantic Bottling Company (3600 Army Post Road) - Parker is an 18-month old boy living with special needs who is unable to roll, sit, or stand without support. Parker uses this specific type of gait trainer he will be receiving with his physical therapist with great success, and his therapist recommended Parker continues to use the gait trainer outside of physical therapy. This gait trainer will allow Parker to be in an upright position that promotes good health, bone density, muscle mass, and allows him to participate in family and peer related activities.


DAMIEN: Thursday, June 2nd 3:30 PM at Wakonda Clubhouse Terrace - Damien is a 5-year old boy who is living with a nervous system disease. He is able to sit and crawl independently, pull to a standing position, and walk short distances with the aid of his walker. This specialized bike will improve his leg strength, coordination, balancing skills, and social interaction with his family and friends.


HARRISON: Friday, June 3rd 5:30 PM at the Volunteer Appreciation Party - Harrison is an 8-year old boy living with a rare genetic disease that has caused various side effects and symptoms, including general muscle weakness and poor balance. Harrison is like every 8-year old boy - he loves to run, play, and be active. The specialized bike will help strengthen his legs and core, which will help with improved balance. More importantly, this bike will give him a chance to be active, social, and the ability to ride with his family and peers.


SEBASTIAN: Saturday, June 4th 10:30 AM at the Landus Coop Suite 17th Green - Sebastian is a 3-year old boy living with special needs who has difficulties with  balance and coordination and is unable to utilize a traditional bike. Sebastian’s new specialized bike will improve his strength and coordination of his lower extremities to build endurance that will help him function better in every day tasks and ride with his family and friends.


About Variety’s Mobility Program: Variety helps children with special needs gain mobility, confidence, freedom, independence and the chance to join in the life of their community by providing funding for specialized bicycles, gait trainers, standers, mobile standers, specialized strollers, specialized car seats and more to families in need. What started as a program offering specialized bikes has expanded to fit the growing needs of children in our communities. In addition to seeing the smiles on children’s faces, these mobility pieces offer both physical and therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, these items are cost prohibitive to some families and are rarely covered by insurance. That’s why we work with physical therapists throughout the state to identify children who would greatly benefit from a specialized bike or other piece of mobility equipment.


About Variety: Variety – the Children’s Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of children who are at risk, underprivileged, critically ill or living with special needs. Funding is provided to programs and initiatives that directly impact the well-being of children in our community. For more information on how you can be a part of our work, please visit

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