Madison's Receives Recumbent Trike

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Thursday, December 20, 2018


Variety – the Children’s Charity in partnership with Atlantic Bottling Company awarded its first ever Terratrike Rover Recumbent Trike with a motor conversion to 17-year-old Madison Miller of Blairstown, Iowa, today at Witwer Children’s Therapy where she receives treatment.                              



Madison has Spina Bifida, a neurologic condition that causes her to have poor strength and little feeling in her legs, as well as poor balance and some learning disabilities. Madison also has Hydrocephalus and requires a shunt in her brain to manage this condition.


As she grows into an adult, it will be very important for Madison to continue to exercise in order to maintain her strength and keep her body at a healthy weight. This bike will enable Madison to continue her therapy and to participate in family bike rides, access riding trails and be a part of recreational activities with friends.


A Terratrike Rover Recumbent Trike with a motor conversion was identified by a therapist at Witwer as the best option for Madison. The electric assist motor lessens the effort required for pedaling but will not do all the work for her. This will allow Madison to benefit from the cardiovascular exercise and strengthening work of cycling, while also conserving energy and allowing her to lengthen the amount of time she is able to exercise without undue fatigue.

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