Variety’s Two Days of Compassion Raises $119,000

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Variety – the Children’s Charity raised $119,182 during its two-day radiothon, Two Days of Compassion. Funds are raised annually to fill Variety’s Compassion Fund for the year.


Families often face financial difficulties when caring for a critically ill child. That is where the Compassion Fund steps in. Variety’s Compassion Fund partners with Mercy Des Moines and Blank Children’s Hospital, and allows social workers to identify needs and distribute funds directly to families. Funds are often used for:

  • A gas card for parents to travel to and from the hospital
  • Meals for a parent who spends weeks at the hospital
  • Payment of immediate bills such as phone, heat or electricity
  • Care for siblings when parents need to stay with their ill child


“The Compassion Fund really made us feel like people cared and were thinking of us while we were focusing on the babies getting stronger so they could come home. My husband commuted to see me and the babies every night, an hour round trip. The gift helped with paying for gas. We were also able to order some last-minute items we needed for the babies when we all got home. We are so blessed with these two babies (now infants/toddlers) and we feel so lucky to have been a recipient of the Compassion Fund!”        

                                                       -Compassion Fund Recipient


Donation can still be made at or by calling 515-243-4660.

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